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StrongHold Subsea Railroad Bridge Pilings

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A railroad operator performed a routine inspection on their bridge and discovered that several concrete pilings showed signs of deterioration.  The piling damage raised concerns about the structural integrity of the bridge.  The bridge was at risk of potential failure if the damage was left unaddressed.

The Problem:
After 30 years of service the concrete pilings had developed cracks and areas of the concrete were spalled.  The damage extended below the waterline.  The owner/operator required a repair that could be made while keeping the bridge operational.  Further damage to the pile would have led to the possibility for collapse, potential life safety issues and extended downtime of this critical railway asset.

The Installation:
The certified installer prepared the concrete surface to address the concrete deterioration.  The surface remained wet while the StrongHold™ SubSea repair was installed.  The StrongHold™ SubSea repair system was designed to restore the strength lost due to corrosion.

The Solution:
The bridge remained operational throughout the installation of the StrongHold™ SubSea Repair System.  The repair system extended the service life of the concrete piling by an additional 20 years.  HJ3's ChemSeal™ UV Topcoat was applied to provide long-term protection for sun protection.

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