ChemSeal™ Coatings & Liners Shield Against 300+ Chemicals

HJ3 Composite Technologies' ChemSeal™ Coatings & Liners protect concrete and steel structures from exposure to more than 300 chemicals common throughout industrial processing facilities.

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Explore Our Range of Polymer-Based Primers, Pastes, Liners, and Coatings

This comprehensive product line includes primers, pastes, putty’s, liners, and protective coatings based on a variety of polymer formulations to include: epoxies, vinyl esters, novolacs, and urethanes.


ChemSeal™ Coating & Liners: Simplified Selection for Unmatched Chemical Compatibility and Durability

Extensive Chemical Compatibility

HJ3 has designed the ChemSeal™ Coating & Liner selection process to match your unique requirements for temperature, exposure conditions, and repair life outcomes.

Abrasion Resistant

HJ3 ChemSeal™ has been tested to the highest standard per the ASTM D4060 Taber Abrasion Test and has exceptional performance in abrasive environments.

Same-Day Engineering

With over 300 chemicals tested at ambient and elevated temperatures, HJ3's team of engineers can quickly confirm compatibility for your application.

Exceptional Durability

ChemSeal™ has been subjected to 20,000 hours of accelerated durability testing and has over 20-years of proven in-service history.

Pre-Packaged Kits

Eliminate field batching messes and errors. Sizes available from 12 oz packs up to 15 gallon kits.

ChemSeal™: Unmatched Chemical Compatibility, UV Resistance, and Regulatory Compliance

Compatible with over 300 chemicals tested in ASTM C581 immersion at ambient and elevated temperatures.Tested for over 20,000 hours UV Resistance, Salts, Acids, Caustic. NSF-61 Drinking Water compliant systems are available. FDA compliant 21 CFR Chapter 175 Part 300 systems available


Engineered to Build Stronger Bonds

Excellent resistance against strong acids and caustics - consult with HJ3 Technical Support to confirm compatibility with your specific application
Pre-packaged kits eliminate field batching messes and errors. Sizes available from 12 oz packs up to 15 gallon kits
Compliant with TankWrap, CarbonSeal, and GlassSeal Repair Systems
ChemSeal™ Systems are available in multiple widths 2" up to 24" to wrap intricate details in trenches, primary containment and secondary containment
Full systems available to patch, to prime, to fill voids, to saturate liners, to create non-skid topcoats, and protect for UV resistance
Not only are HJ3 products 40% to 50% stronger than competitors per ply, they are tested & designed to withstand high temperatures, abrasion and aggressive chemical environments

Problems We Solve

Chemical Trenches

ChemSeal is designed for high strength to mitigate microcracking and provide a stable substrate for the topcoat for maximum performance.  ChemSeal is supplied in narrow and wide widths to accomodate all configurations found in trenches while optimizing productivity and quality.

Sump Pits

ChemSeal is available in Abrasion Resistant formulations to account for high turbulence encounted in pits near pumps and inlets. ChemSeal is formulated to have resistance to a wide pH range of caustics, acids, and solvents.  All designs incorporate termination details to ensure monolithic protection inside of sump pits.

API 652 Liners

ChemSeal is compliant with the thick film requirements of API 652 storage tanks to provide long-term protection against corrosive liquids & solids.  ChemSeal has been used for protecting storage tanks for over 20 years and has the added benefit of strength when using carbon fabrics.

Internal Corrosion
Internal Erosion
Corrosion Under Insulation
Reinforced Coating Systems
Chemical Resistant Liners
Immersion Coating Systems
UV Resistant Systems
NSF 61 Compliant Systems
FDA Compliant Systems

ChemSeal™ Testimonials: Trusted by Clients for Chemical Protection and Durability

"Several years ago, HJ3 was calling on my branch so I gave them a shot at a challenging emergency repair. I couldn’t believe the difference in service and that kicked off what has now been a five year relationship with them. They truly go above and beyond to make sure my guys are all geared up and ready to execute on a project."

Alex C.
Branch Manager, Contractor
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ChemSeal Case Studies: Protecting Against Harsh Chemical Environments with Resilient Coatings

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