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HJ3 Pipe Repair Applications

HJ3's CarbonSeal™ pipe repair system is a pioneering solution that excels in addressing a broad spectrum of common applications, encompassing process piping, elbows & tees, pressure vessels, corrosion under insulation (CUI), PCCP, RCP, fire suppression piping, cooling water risers and piping, and the intricate air to soil interface, revolutionizing the way we safeguard and enhance critical infrastructure.

Petroleum & Chemical Refining

Flange Encapsulation
Cooling Water Lines
Pipe Support Locations
Flare Lines
Blow Down Lines
Process Lines
Vapor Recovery Line
Cooling Tower Risers

Oil & Gas Distribution

Distribution Pipelines
Gathering Pipelines
Transmission Pipeline
Natural Gas Pipelines
Process Water Pipeline
LNG Pipelines
Gas Lines
Crude Oil Pipelines

Food & Agriculture

Carbon Column Vessels
Pressurized Steam Vessles
Steam Lines
Heat Exchangers
Feed Transfer Pipe
Grain Spouts
Grain Out Chutes
Solvent Extraction Piping: Hexane

Pulp & Paper

White Liquor Piping
Green Liquor Piping
Black Liquor Piping
Delignification Piping
Wood Chip Chutes
Evaporator/Condensing Piping
Kraft Process Piping

Power Generation

Cooling Risers
Circulation Water Pipe
Cooling Water Riser
Flue Gas Ducting (FGD)
Cooling Water Pipe
Bleach Tank Nozzles

Mining Applications

Slurry Pipe
Chemical Transfer Pipe
Fuel Transfer Pipe
Slurry Transfer Pipe
Dust Collection Piping
Solvent Extraction Piping

Civil Infrastructure

New Pipeline Construction
Waste Water Pipeline
Water Utility Pipeline
NSF-61 Certified for Drinking Water
Potable Water Pipe
Grey Water Pipe

Offshore Applications

Offshore Critical Structures
Suction Lines
Fire Suppression Piping
Riser Piping

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