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30" Gas Pipeline Repair

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Case Study: HJ3's Swift and Code-Compliant Repair of a 30" Gas Pipeline

Pipeline Overview:
A critical 30" gas transmission pipeline, feeding into a compression station, faced urgent repair needs due to localized external surface corrosion and wall thinning. The challenging circumstances included the inability to perform welding or hot work on the pipeline and the impracticality of a shutdown due to significant production costs associated with downtime.

The pipeline's deteriorating condition required immediate attention, yet conventional repair methods involving welding or a shutdown were not feasible. The customer sought a solution that would allow continuous operation while addressing the corrosion and wall thinning issues.

HJ3's Engineering Solution:
HJ3 engineered a comprehensive repair solution that utilized CarbonSeal HT1™ carbon fiber composite. This advanced composite material not only provided a robust repair but also eliminated the need for hot work, enabling the facility to maintain full operational capacity without a shutdown. The code-compliant solution aimed to restore the pipeline to its full pressure and operational efficiency.

Speed to Solution:
HJ3's commitment to a rapid response was evident in the same-day engineering calculations, design, and shipping of composite repair materials. This accelerated process allowed the pipeline operator to execute the repair in less time than originally planned, minimizing the impact on operations.

Customer's Choice:
The customer selected HJ3 for the repair system based on the company's unparalleled speed in engineering, shipping, and installation. The decision was driven by the urgent need to address the pipeline issues promptly and efficiently.

HJ3's code-compliant repair not only restored the 30" gas pipeline to full operational capacity but also enhanced safety for facility personnel. The innovative use of CarbonSeal HT1™ enabled a seamless repair without the need for hot work or a disruptive shutdown.


  1. Non-Disruptive Repair: The use of CarbonSeal HT1™ allowed for a repair that did not require welding or hot work, ensuring continuous pipeline operation.
  2. Rapid Response: HJ3's same-day engineering, design, and shipping showcased a commitment to a swift resolution, minimizing downtime for the pipeline operator.
  3. Code Compliance: The repair solution adhered to industry codes, ensuring the integrity and safety of the gas transmission pipeline.

In summary, HJ3's rapid and code-compliant repair of the 30" gas pipeline exemplifies the company's commitment to innovative solutions that prioritize both efficiency and safety in critical infrastructure maintenance.

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