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Concrete Column Repair

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Case Study: HJ3's Concrete Column Repair for Food Processing Plant Safety

Concrete columns in a refrigerated area of a food processing plant, subject to daily water and chemical cleaning, faced deterioration due to the absence of proper maintenance. The initial protective coating had not been upheld, resulting in rebar spalling and concrete delamination, posing both product and work safety hazards.

Being load-bearing, the columns couldn't be replaced, requiring on-site repair within short shutdown periods. Food safety regulations demanded a swift repair, with a full food-safe cleaning post-repair. Tight working conditions, surrounded by process piping and machinery, added logistical complexity to the project.

HJ3's Solution:
HJ3's inspection team identified multiple columns needing repair and opted for the StrongHold™ concrete repair system, a carbon fiber composite solution. This choice addressed accessibility constraints and time limitations. StrongHold™ not only restored the columns to original strength but also provided an FDA-compliant barrier, safeguarding against future moisture and chemical exposure.

Working within two 48-hour repair windows, HJ3 conducted concrete remediation, followed by StrongHold™ installation for structural restoration and concrete confinement. The process concluded with the application of FDA-compliant ChemSeal™ protective coating, shielding the columns from humidity and chemical exposures.


  • Permanent Repair: StrongHold™ delivered a lasting solution, protecting columns from daily cleanings and preventing future delamination.
  • Workplace Safety: The repair ensured a safer work environment and compliance with food safety standards.
  • Minimal Impact on Production: Completed within the customer's timeframe, the repair had no adverse effects on production schedules.

HJ3's StrongHold™ concrete repair system eliminated the risks to product and life safety associated with deteriorating columns. The permanent solution not only restored structural strength but also shielded the columns from future degradation, ensuring long-term reliability in a challenging environment.

In summary, HJ3's expertise in concrete repair provided a comprehensive solution, showcasing the ability to work within tight constraints and deliver a lasting impact on safety and structural integrity.

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