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Abrasion-Resistant Grain Silo Patch

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At this grain processing facility, deterioration from
abrasive grain caused a through hole and leaking in
one of the 175 sq. ft. grain storage silos.


Deterioration due to abrasive grain flowing through
the silo at speeds up to 60 mph created a through
hole that required patching. Previous attempts at
protective ceramic liners had only lasted up to one
month before replacement was needed.


All loose concrete was removed with an abrasive
blast, and the exposed rebar was protected. The hole
was patched with a non-shrink grout, primed, and
carbon fiber applied. An abrasive-resistant coating
protected the system.


Three months after the system was installed, more
than 750,000 tons of grain had passed through the
silo at aggressive speeds, without any noticeable
wear to the abrasion resistant system. The system is
monitored each month for any change.

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