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Concrete Bean Silo Repair

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The concrete silos in this grain facility are about 50
years old. The hopper bottoms rest on a conveyor belt
and are subject to constant conveyor vibration. In
some areas, the steel rebar had completely separated
from the concrete.

The Problem:

Five silo hoppers rested on a conveyor, each with
similar crack patterns caused by the constant
vibration. Two silos were out of commission due to
excessive cracking, as they could no longer support
the internal material strain. Replacement of the five
silos would cost six months of downtime.


The surface of the concrete silos was abraded
utilizing a high-pressure, water blast to remove loose
concrete and dust. The steel rebars were cleaned to
white metal and coated to prevent further corrosion.
After surface preparation and patching, SiloWrap™
primer was applied and the carbon fabric was
saturated and installed. A protective top coat sealed
the system.

The Solution:

The repair was completed in six weeks, instead of in
six months, which would have been the case if the
silos were replaced. The repair saved the client more
than 65% over replacement costs, and experienced
no downtime.

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