May 8, 2022

Bridge Your Spending Gap with HJ3 Civil

Corroded overpasses and bridges are very dangerous. Repair your corroded overpass with HJ3 Civil for less money, in less time, than alternative options.

Solving America's Overpass Dilemma with Innovative Carbon Fiber Systems

According to the ASCE 2013 report card for America's Infrastructure, the average age of the nation's 607,000 bridges and overpasses is 42 years. The Federal Highway Administration estimates that an annual investment of $20.5 billion is needed to repair deficient overpasses in the country's 102 largest metropolitan regions. However, the current expenditure stands at only $12.8 billion. This leaves an annual deficit of $8 billion, which may seem daunting, but there's a brighter outlook. Many federal, state, and local governments are shifting their focus away from replacement and traditional steel repair methods toward innovative solutions, such as HJ3's Civil carbon fiber systems. Together, HJ3 and America can bridge the spending gap by mending our deteriorating overpasses more cost-effectively, swiftly, and with longer-lasting results. At HJ3, we are committed to strengthening infrastructure across the globe, one overpass at a time.

Overpass Repair with Carbon Fiber Systems

America's overpasses endure constant vibrations from daily traffic, leading to cracks due to these vibrations and frequent freeze-thaw cycles. These cracks allow moisture and oxygen to corrode the steel reinforcement within the concrete structure. As the steel corrodes, it causes the surrounding concrete to deteriorate and crumble, jeopardizing the structural integrity of the overpass. The Department of Transportation (DOT) aims to repair these overpasses as quickly as possible to avoid significant road closures and maintain safe infrastructure.

The HJ3 Civil System's Restoration Process

HJ3's Civil system offers a solution by restoring the shear and tensile capacity of these compromised overpasses. The exposed rebar is carefully cleaned and protected, and any missing concrete sections are expertly patched. The overpass is then wrapped with high-strength carbon fiber to reinforce and fortify its structure. Finally, HJ3 applies a chemical and UV-resistant topcoat to safeguard the overpass from future corrosion. This entire repair process typically takes just two days, with minimal road closures, ensuring minimal disruption to daily traffic flow.

Saving Time, Money, and Resources

Choosing to repair these overpasses instead of opting for costly replacements is a win-win solution. Replacing an overpass typically takes approximately two months to complete, incurring substantial downtime costs. By opting for repairs, the DOT not only saved on downtime expenses but also a substantial $200,000. The repair process also resulted in a remarkable conservation of resources, including over 9 million gallons of water and almost 1.5 million kWh of energy.

If you have an overpass in need of structural reinforcement, reach out to HJ3 at to explore innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Corroded Rebar in One Section of Overpass

Large Area of Corroded Rebar in Another Section
HJ3 Installers Wrap the Overpass with Carbon Fiber
The Finished Overpass


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