September 8, 2022

Carbon Fiber Magazine Bunker Repair

Carbon Fiber Magazine Bunker Repair | When this earth covered magazine bunker developed significant cracking, HJ3's CarbonSeal system restored its strength!

A typical Earth Covered Magazine bunker. Photo Credit: US Army Corps of Engineers

Reviving Earth Covered Magazine (ECM) Structures: Strengthening and Repair

Earth Covered Magazine (ECM) structures serve as secure storage facilities for ammunition and explosives, widely utilized by the Department of Defense and the US military. Although not initially designed to withstand the repercussions of an accidental explosion, a structurally sound ECM can effectively mitigate the effects of a blast triggered by small quantities of ammunition and explosives. In this particular case, the earth covered magazine bunker suffered cracks originating in its floor due to foundation movement and unfavorable sub-grade conditions. These cracks eventually extended to the bunker's walls and ceiling, leading to leaks and concrete spalling. Given the highly explosive contents within, it became imperative to restore the bunker's structural integrity.

The chosen solution for this vital magazine bunker repair was HJ3's CarbonSeal™ carbon fiber strengthening system. The repair process commenced with the creation of perpendicular saw cuts across all cracks in the floor and walls. HJ3's patented carbon laminate strips were carefully inserted into each saw cut, secured in place by injecting epoxy. The entire interior of the bunker underwent thorough cleaning through abrasive blasting, removing any delaminated concrete and dust. A cementitious grout was then applied to reinstate the bunker's uniform surface. Finally, the CarbonSeal™ carbon fiber was saturated and installed along the cracked walls and ceiling.

Remarkably, the magazine bunker repair project was successfully completed in a mere day. Opting to repair the cracked bunker rather than replacing it resulted in substantial cost savings, while simultaneously preventing the wastage of valuable resources associated with the production of replacement concrete and steel. This eco-conscious approach prevented over 4 tons of steel and concrete from potentially ending up in landfills, conserved nearly 250,000 gallons of water, saved 33,000 kWh of energy, and prevented over 8 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from further polluting the atmosphere.

If you're considering the HJ3 CarbonSeal system for your own ECM bunker or any other deteriorating concrete structure, we encourage you to get in touch with us today at

The bunker's extensive cracking threatened its structural integrity.

The CarbonSeal carbon fiber is applied to the prepared walls.



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