May 7, 2018

Cause of Cracked Sewer Pipe Lines

Sewer pipes are made with multiple different materials of which some last longer than others while there are several other factors that can cause cracks or breaks.

The Impact of Materials on Pipe Lifespan

The longevity of sewer piping is greatly influenced by the materials used in their construction. High-quality new sewer pipes can endure for up to a century, but the lifespan of sewer pipes can vary significantly. Various materials have been employed for sewer pipes over the years, with some proving more durable than others. Materials like clay, steel, and tile have been popular choices in the past, and if your sewer system predates 1980, it's possible that you have clay sewage pipes.

Causes of Sewer Pipe Cracking and Breakage

Sewer pipe damage can result from various factors, including the materials used, environmental elements, and other influences. Some common culprits contributing to cracked sewer pipes include:

  • Age: Certain materials, such as clay, naturally deteriorate over time, eventually decaying and breaking down.
  • Tree Roots: Tree roots tend to grow towards water sources, penetrating sewer lines through tiny cracks. Over time, this blockage can obstruct water flow and exacerbate minor cracks.
  • Environmental Factors: Shifts in the earth due to environmental changes can place stress on pipes, potentially leading to collapses.

Prompt Sewer Pipe Repairs Are Essential

When you suspect damage or leaks in your sewer lines, it's crucial to take swift action to address the issue. Neglected sewage leaks can pose health hazards and create unsanitary conditions, while also causing damage to buildings and structures.

HJ3 offers reliable solutions to repair and prevent further sewer pipe damage. Their CarbonSealTM systems not only address corrosion but also act as a preventative measure against future repairs.

Don't risk the consequences of untreated sewer pipe damage – reach out to HJ3 to safeguard your sewer infrastructure.


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