January 21, 2015
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EPA's Clean Power Plan Seeks to Reduce Power Plant Emissions

EPA's Clean Power Plan | The EPA has proposed a plan to reduce carbon emissions from power plants by helping states set and implement their own goals.

 Comparison of CO2 emissions caused by power plants vs. those of renewable energy. Photo Credit: Union of Concerned Scientists (ucsusa.org)

Boosting Mine Safety with Proximity Detection Systems

Mine workers face challenging, often perilous conditions every day. Surface mines, characterized by large equipment with limited visibility, create a scenario where spotting smaller vehicles and pedestrians is difficult, raising the risk of accidents and injuries. Underground mines present confined spaces and proximity challenges, further exacerbated by factors such as dust, inadequate lighting, and heavy machinery. Shockingly, statistics from the CDC's Office of Mine Safety and Health Research reveal that over 40% of the most severe mining injuries, including fatalities and permanent disabilities, from 2000 to 2007 resulted from collisions, pinning, crushing, and striking incidents. To combat this, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has proposed new regulations mandating the installation of Proximity Detection Systems on continuous mining machines.

Proximity Detection Systems employ advanced technology that could be lifesaving. These systems utilize various Proximity Warning tools, such as radar, sonar, GPS, and cameras, to notify mine operators when a person or object enters the path of a mining machine. In such cases, the system promptly halts the machine's current operation. These systems are being increasingly deployed on mining equipment worldwide, proving to be invaluable in both surface and underground mines. While MSHA has granted approval to several commercially-available systems, their criteria mainly focus on the systems' spark and thermal ignition safety rather than performance.

Mining has long been considered one of the world's most hazardous professions. Even with improved safety standards, laws, and innovative equipment, mining accidents still occur. The Office of Mine Safety and Health Research reports:

  • Three to four people still die annually from collisions and driving over unseen edges at surface mines.
  • Since 1984, 33 miners have been killed in accidents involving continuous mining machines.
  • The introduction of a proximity detection system capable of disabling mining equipment could have prevented 80% of these fatalities.
  • MSHA estimates that proximity detection technology can avert up to 20% of all mining-related deaths.

HJ3 is committed to delivering the industry's most robust carbon fiber, and our mission is to enhance safety in various sectors. With advancing technology in safety equipment and dependable structural repair systems, the possibility of eliminating mining accidents is becoming more realistic with each passing day.

Each state has a specific goal to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Photo Credit: National Conference of State Legislatures (ncsl.org)


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