December 20, 2022

Copper Mine Beam and Slab Repair

Copper Mine Beam and Slab Repair | HJ3's CarbonSeal carbon fiber repaired 2 beams and 3 ceiling slabs that were severely corroded at a SW copper mine.

The beams and ceiling slabs at this mine were severely degraded.

Structural Reinforcement Using Carbon Fiber: A Copper Mine Case Study

Carbon Fiber Beam and Slab Repair

Problem: Copper mining facilities endure accelerated degradation due to constant exposure to vibrations, moisture, and chemicals. The concrete beams and ceiling slabs at a century-old copper plant's concentrator building faced severe degradation, including corrosion, de-lamination, and concrete spalling. Dangerous through-holes had developed in the ceiling slabs, endangering the safety of the facility.

Design Scope: The scope of this structural reinforcement project included 2 beams and 3 ceiling slabs, requiring 960 square feet of carbon fiber. Severe damage affected the entire length and width of the beams and slabs, with substantial through-holes in the ceiling slabs due to extreme corrosion.

Installation: Prior to applying the CarbonSeal™ carbon fiber system, deteriorated concrete was meticulously removed using pressure washers and hand tools. Exposed rebar underwent thorough cleaning, and missing concrete was expertly patched. The patented CarbonSeal™ bi-directional carbon fiber fabric was then applied to the beams and slabs, complemented by uni-directional carbon fiber on the bottoms of each beam. A protective urethane topcoat was added to prevent future corrosion, and weep holes were drilled into the beams after the system had fully cured.

Conclusion: The comprehensive beam and slab reinforcement was completed within a swift 10 days. By choosing carbon fiber reinforcement over complete replacement, the mine not only saved nearly $150,000 but also prevented over 1,000 lbs of steel and concrete from potentially ending up in landfills. Additionally, this structural repair endeavor prevented almost a ton of carbon dioxide emissions and saved more than 30,000 gallons of water by eliminating the need to manufacture replacement steel and concrete.

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Dangerous through-holes had developed in the ceiling slabs between the 3rd and 4th floors.

The concrete had de-laminated, exposing inner steel rebar to the mine's corrosive atmosphere.




HJ3's protective urethane topcoat prevents future corrosion.


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