August 14, 2013
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Goole’s New Underground Pipeline

An 800 meter-long pipe is being constructed at an East Yorkshire pumping station with the intent of easing the future flooding potential in the area.

Alleviating Flooding Challenges in Goole, England

Yorkshire Water's £3.6 million flood improvement program in Goole, England, is set to significantly bolster the city's defenses against flooding. A pivotal element of this endeavor is an underground pipeline designed to divert excess water from the Goole pumping station on Carr Lane to the River Ouse. This pipeline is expected to become operational in November.

In August 2011, the region was hit by severe flooding, leading to criticism of Yorkshire Water for the performance of the pumping station. The situation worsened when more than 50 homes and businesses were inundated by floodwaters in July 2012, while the pumping station remained non-operational following the 2011 flood.

A spokesperson from Yorkshire Water Company acknowledged the necessity for improvement, affirming that "the installation of a secondary storm release pipe will further enhance the facility's resilience and effectiveness."

Supplementary Measures for Flood Mitigation

To reinforce the pumping station's flood management capabilities, two additional pumps will be installed at the Goole pumping station. This enhancement is expected to increase the station's pumping capacity to 1,400 liters per second, representing a significant 20% surge from its present capacity.

Over the next few months, findings from a £275,000 study examining Goole's sewage system, in conjunction with an £80,000 study focusing on surface floodwater, will be made available. Yorkshire Water is unwavering in its commitment to addressing the persistent flooding challenges in Goole through a comprehensive and multi-pronged strategy.

Through these investments in improvements and upgrades to critical infrastructure, Yorkshire Water aims to fortify Goole against the adverse impacts of flooding, ensuring a safer and more resilient future for the city.


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