August 28, 2014
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HJ3 Wins $100,000 EPA Contract To Develop New Technology

HJ3 wins $100K EPA Contract to develop a new automated way of installing high-strength carbon fiber material to strengthen corroded pipelines 500% faster


HJ3 Composite Technologies Awarded EPA Contract for Innovative Infrastructure Solutions

HJ3 Composite Technologies is among 21 small businesses from across the nation that have recently secured contracts from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These research grants aim to foster the development of novel solutions to tackle significant environmental challenges, according to Jared Blumenfeld, the EPA's regional administrator for the Pacific Southwest.

HJ3, renowned for its expertise in the manufacture, design, and installation of high-strength carbon fiber and glass fiber systems for restoring deteriorating infrastructure, is enthusiastic about this recognition. Jim Butler, the CEO and founder of HJ3, expressed the company's excitement, saying, "We are very excited about this award and are in the process of developing a system to scale it commercially." Specifically, HJ3 is working on more efficient methods to fortify corroded drinking water pipelines, a significant financial burden for infrastructure owners.

"We are devising an innovative automated process for applying high-strength carbon fiber materials to reinforce corroded pipelines," Butler explained. The outcome of this endeavor is a remarkable surge in productivity, with a fivefold increase in the speed of work compared to current techniques. This groundbreaking development will enable workers to complete tasks five times faster.

The EPA contract coincides with the growing concern over infrastructure-related issues. Frequent pipeline ruptures and leaks have dominated headlines, drawing attention to the escalating costs of emergency repairs versus regular maintenance. Finding innovative solutions that make efficient use of fewer resources, reduce expenses, and save time is of paramount importance. While fiberglass has been utilized for pipeline repairs since 1965, carbon fiber was introduced in the mid-1980s in Japan to enhance pipeline repair procedures. HJ3's carbon fiber has been successfully deployed in over 10,000 applications worldwide, offering substantial cost savings compared to the replacement of concrete and steel structures.

Jim Butler elaborated on their ongoing efforts, stating, "HJ3 is now ramping up production. Instead of addressing 100 feet of pipeline at a time, we can tackle 1,000 feet at a time. We have completed a successful pilot to validate the concept, and we are currently in the process of scaling up the system for commercial use."

The initial $100,000 grant will be utilized to finalize prototypes in Phase 1 of the project, slated for completion in October. HJ3 anticipates securing an additional $300,000 for Phase 2, earmarked for the commercialization of the innovative product.

To learn more about HJ3's pioneering solutions and infrastructure improvements, please contact HJ3 at or call 1-877-303-0453.

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