February 20, 2024

How a tiny, single stitch is having a huge impact on the quality of composite repairs in the PetroChemical and Pipeline Markets.

Unlock precision in composite repairs for PetroChemical and Pipeline Markets with HJ3's revolutionary 'center stitch.' Discover how this tiny addition eliminates guesswork, ensuring accurate material placement and consistent laminate thickness. Avoid costly mistakes, achieve QC hold points effortlessly, and trust 20 years of HJ3's ingenuity. If you're tired of outdated fabric technology and want unmatched service, call us – your solution to flawless engineered repairs starts here.

Most composite repair systems utilize a “spiral” wrapping technique for installation. Even those systems that aren’t spiral applied, still rely on some form of an overlap to ensure accurate placement of material.

Why does this matter?

Engineered composite repairs rely on accurate placement of material to achieve a consistent laminate thickness. That thickness, along with other key properties are the foundation of the repair.

A couple linear feet of inaccurate overlaps can leave you with a 2 layer system instead of a 6 layer system as called out in a design package. This can be the difference in repair that is fit for service or fit for removal and redo at your expense.  

In a world of complex technologies, equipment and automation, engineered composite systems still rely on a small installation teams for hands on installation of the materials. Why? Because the components we repair are typically of various geometries (tees, reducers, elbows), they can be difficult to access and are commonly 100' or less. Crews need to move quickly and accommodate challenging conditions while still achieving a quality repair With that said, installers rely heavily on experienced technicians to oversee installations to ensure QC hold points are achieved per manufacture specs.

Over 20 years ago, HJ3 changed their fabrics to incorporate a “center stitch” for contractors specializing in pipe repairs. Although a very simple addition to the system, the “center stitch” has become a key feature that 100’s of installers still rely on today.

The “Center Stitch” allows installers to confidently move through the installation sequence without guessing where 50% overlap is while spiral wrapping.

The “center stitch” guides them to a perfect overlap every time, serving as a necessary hold point to ensure accurate coverage of the engineered repair. Without a “center stitch” applicators have to guess or "eye ball" the layup which becomes extremely difficult, especially on larger bore piping.

20 years and thousands of installations later, ingenuity is still a core value at HJ3. We are constantly seeking feedback from the industry and our customers so we can continue to build great projects with unmatched service.

If you are an applicator or operator struggling with old fabric technology and tired of looking at sloppy repairs or just “winging it” in general, please give us a call.


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