September 17, 2014
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More Hurricanes Means More Destruction

Hurricane season brings record rainfall to Southwest US and destruction along Mexico's coast. Watch HJ3's carbon fiber withstand category 5 hurricane winds!

NASA image of Hurricane Norbet. Credit: Wikipedia

Unpredictable Hurricane Season: Battling the Wrath of Nature

Less than a week after Hurricane Norbert wreaked havoc in Baja California and the Southwestern United States, Hurricane Odile has unleashed its fury over the same area, causing widespread damage and severe flooding across Mexico. To make matters worse, it's now heading back to the already waterlogged region, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. In the midst of the cleanup efforts following these twin hurricanes, Hurricane Edouard, along the Atlantic Coast, has surged to a Category 2 hurricane. While Edouard is projected to remain far out at sea, with no threat to land, one thing is abundantly clear: Hurricane Season is in full force.

Hurricane Norbert marked the tenth hurricane of 2014, leaving a trail of destruction and sorrow in its wake. Responsible for at least five fatalities in both Mexico and the United States, its economic toll has been staggering, with estimated losses exceeding $100 million. On September 6, it peaked as a Category 3 hurricane with devastating 120-mph winds, unleashing chaos upon coastal Mexican cities, including San Carlos. Phoenix and its surrounding areas experienced record-breaking rainfall, adding to the woes of an already beleaguered region.

In the footsteps of Norbert, Hurricane Odile followed suit, striking near Cabo San Lucas with powerful 125-mph winds. Thousands of tourists and locals sought refuge in converted luxury hotels turned shelters, yet some of these sanctuaries were obliterated by the relentless winds, compelling evacuees to huddle in hotel stairwells for hours on end. The hurricane's wrath laid waste to hundreds of homes, particularly in impoverished neighborhoods, and left some desperate citizens resorting to looting grocery stores for sustenance. The destruction didn't stop there, as trees and power lines were felled throughout Cabo San Lucas, leaving nearly 239,000 people without electricity. Fortunately, while 30,000 tourists found refuge in temporary shelters and 135 minor injuries were reported, Hurricane Odile mercifully claimed no lives or caused any serious injuries.

By Monday, Hurricane Odile had weakened to a Category 1 hurricane and subsequently further downgraded to a tropical storm later that night. However, the region remains at risk of flash floods and landslides. The Southwest United States is bracing for the possibility of 6-12 inches of rain between Wednesday morning and Thursday night in southern Arizona, with mountain slopes potentially receiving 10 inches or more.

A few years ago, HJ3 was featured on the Discovery Channel's popular show, "Smash Lab." The episode demonstrated the incredible strength of HJ3's carbon fiber by wrapping a mobile home, subjecting it to Category 5 hurricane-force winds. These winds were so potent that they forced the mobile home off its anchors, causing it to tumble. Remarkably, even as it rolled, the mobile home remained intact, showcasing the formidable power of HJ3's carbon fiber in withstanding hurricane-force winds. Witness this incredible demonstration for yourself!


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