March 26, 2022

Methanex Titan Cooling Tower Repair

Cooling Tower repair for Methanex saves company 50% compared to replacement and prevents operation halt.

The Methanex plant, located in the Caribbean.

Enhancing Methanex Titan Cooling Tower: A Sustainable Reinforcement Solution

Methanex, a global frontrunner in methanol production, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to operational excellence and industry best practices. They prioritize swift resolution of any issues within their facilities, ensuring that their plants maintain impeccable standards. The Methanex Titan Cooling Tower, nestled in the Caribbean, stands as a formidable structure constructed from reinforced concrete.

Addressing Structural Integrity at Methanex Caribbean Plant

This impressive Caribbean-based Methanex facility underwent a comprehensive structural reinforcement initiative. Phase one of this endeavor targeted a 10' x 50' area along the western wall of the cooling tower. Here, extensive spalling and concrete deterioration had taken hold. This degradation resulted from the corrosive impact of saltwater infiltrating the concrete, causing the steel reinforcement to corrode and expand. Consequently, spalling occurred, exposing the corroded steel, which further accelerated the corrosion process. To chart the most effective course of action, HJ3 conducted an exhaustive survey to pinpoint high-priority areas requiring immediate structural repair.

Empowering Structural Resilience: Phase One and Two Repairs

In phase two of the project, structural rehabilitation efforts were expanded to include the repair of 15 support columns on both the North and South Walls of the cooling tower. These columns had endured considerable environmental damage, influenced by chemical exposure and local weather conditions. The structural assessment revealed high-priority 1 exposed rebar and priority 2 structural cracks. Opting for a full-scale replacement would have constituted a substantial undertaking, encompassing significant material costs and lost production time.

Swift and Efficient Repairs: Savings and Sustainability

Impressively, HJ3 managed to complete both phase one and phase two of the repairs within a total of four weeks, delivering substantial cost savings to the Methanex plant. These savings amounted to a remarkable 50% when compared to the expenses of a full replacement.

Restoring Structural Integrity: How It Was Done

In phase one, HJ3 utilized CarbonSeal carbon fiber reinforcement to rejuvenate the 10' x 50' section of the cooling tower's west wall, restoring it to its original structural integrity. Given the condition of the cooling tower, which included spalling, deterioration, and delamination of the concrete, preventing future steel reinforcement corrosion was paramount.

In phase two, HJ3 shifted its focus to reinforce 15 columns on the North and South walls of the tower. These columns exhibited exposed rebar and structural cracks that undermined their structural integrity. HJ3 expedited the process by implementing a dual 12-hour shift schedule, completing the work in just two weeks for each phase.

HJ3's Innovative Reinforcement Process

For both phases, the concrete surface underwent meticulous preparation adhering to HJ3's specific requirements. After the preparation, the surface was meticulously cleaned and primed using HJ3's primer. In phase two, exposed rebar received a protective zinc coating to prevent flash rusting. A high modulus paste was then applied to the reinforcement area. The CarbonSeal carbon fiber reinforcement system was thoroughly saturated and applied to the surface. The process was finalized by applying a final layer of high modulus paste, followed by two topcoats. For phase two, brace plates, or anchor plates, were effectively employed to prevent post-cure curling of the CarbonSeal fabric.

Sustainability and Cost-Effectiveness: The Results

Through proactive structural reinforcement of the cooling tower wall and columns, the Methanex plant skillfully averted the need for a complete tower replacement. This reinforced tower is poised to provide another two decades of reliable service. Upon the completion of Phase three, this reinforcement will have collectively prevented five tons of concrete and steel waste, nearly 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, 4,000,000 kWh of energy consumption, and almost 264,000 gallons of water usage, compared to full replacement. The remarkable aspect is that HJ3's intervention delivered substantial cost savings of 50% when compared to the alternative of wall and column replacement. HJ3's repair efforts effectively extended the operational life of this Methanex plant, preventing an imminent production halt anticipated within a year following their initial survey.

Elevate the Structural Integrity of Your Facilities

If you harbor concerns about the structural resilience of your cooling tanks or wish to explore HJ3's carbon fiber reinforcement systems further, do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated project managers. They can be contacted at

Methanex West Wall Before
Damaged concrete wall of the Methanex plant, addressed in Phase one.

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