August 29, 2022

Parking Garage Column Restoration

Parking Garage Column Restoration | HJ3's Civil carbon fiber system successfully reinforced a cracked column and joint at a federal parking garage.

Parking garages are subjected to regular vibrations from vehicles and people passing through. Over time, these vibrations cause tiny cracks in the garage's concrete supports. Freeze-thaw cycles, as well as moisture and oxygen penetrating the concrete, corrode the structures and reinforcing steel within. In this case, a parking garage at a federal building required crack confinement and structural strengthening at the beam-to-joint interface. Freeze-thaw cycles had caused the internal steel reinforcing bar of the supporting column to expand. As it did so, the tiny cracks caused by vibrations also expanded, allowing moisture and oxygen to further corrode the column's concrete and inner rebar. Shear stress had caused the column to yield at the joint. Structural column restoration was required. Prior to installing HJ3's Civil™ carbon fiber system, all loose concrete was removed with chipping hammers. The surface was abraded and cleaned, then primed. Cracks and voids were filled with HJ3's high modulus paste, and saturated carbon fiber was applied. The HJ3 Civil™ structural strengthening system fully completed the column restoration in only 3 hours. The client saved 80% compared to alternative steel repair methods, and the flexible carbon fiber fabric made for easy application behind obstacles. Want more information about HJ3's Civil™ carbon fiber systems and how they can save you money on your own structural repairs? Write to us today at


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How a tiny, single stitch is having a huge impact on the quality of composite repairs in the PetroChemical and Pipeline Markets.
February 20, 2024

How a tiny, single stitch is having a huge impact on the quality of composite repairs in the PetroChemical and Pipeline Markets.

Unlock precision in composite repairs for PetroChemical and Pipeline Markets with HJ3's revolutionary 'center stitch.' Discover how this tiny addition eliminates guesswork, ensuring accurate material placement and consistent laminate thickness. Avoid costly mistakes, achieve QC hold points effortlessly, and trust 20 years of HJ3's ingenuity. If you're tired of outdated fabric technology and want unmatched service, call us – your solution to flawless engineered repairs starts here.

HJ3 Pipeline Burst Pressure Test - CarbonSeal
November 21, 2023

HJ3 Pipeline Burst Pressure Test - CarbonSeal

CarbonSeal™️ underwent rigorous full-scale testing conducted by a third-party engineering firm, ADV Integrity, to validate its technology in accordance with PCC-2 guidelines. Beyond meeting all the minimum testing requirements, CarbonSeal™️ endured cyclical fatigue testing to assess its performance under conditions involving corrosion anomalies and dents.

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