February 14, 2022

Carbon Fiber Pedestal Repair

Cracked and corroded pedestals can mean trouble for power plants. HJ3's CarbonSeal system offers concrete pedestal repair for much less than replacement!


The Growing Role of Natural Gas Power Plants in the U.S. Energy Landscape

The United States currently hosts nearly 7,000 operational power plants, and recent years have witnessed a surge in the construction of natural gas power plants. In 1993, only 13% of electricity generation relied on natural gas, but projections indicate that this figure is set to rise to 30% by 2030. This growth in natural gas power plants is attributed to the increased supply of natural gas, a growing emphasis on reducing power plant emissions, and the quick construction turnaround times for such facilities. With natural gas producing significantly lower levels of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions compared to coal, it's no surprise that many energy companies are choosing natural gas power generation.

Repairing Corroded Pedestals at a Southwest United States Natural Gas Facility

At a natural gas facility in the southwest United States, several concrete pedestals support the power-generating units. Over a dozen of these pedestals had developed minor cracks. Heat and steam released by damaged valves above the pedestals further expanded the cracks, leading to the corrosion of the internal rebar. As rebar corrosion progressed, the cracks continued to grow, resulting in concrete loss on many of the pedestals. The deteriorating condition of the concrete posed a significant threat to the integrity of these supporting structures.

HJ3's CarbonSealTM pedestal repair kit was employed to restore all of the pedestals. The power plant staff underwent comprehensive installation training, as they aimed to carry out the repairs themselves. The repair process began with the preparation of the pedestal surfaces, involving the removal of loose and delaminated concrete. The surfaces were then ground to eliminate paint and create a smooth concrete surface. Areas with concrete loss were patched using cementitious grout. A primer was applied, and any remaining cracks were injected. HJ3's carbon fiber fabric was saturated and installed, followed by the application of a chemical-resistant topcoat, designed to ensure long-term protection without the need for yearly maintenance.

HJ3's CarbonSealTM system offered a durable and sustainable solution compared to traditional concrete patching. The corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant qualities of carbon fiber eliminate the need for repairs for at least 20 years, whereas concrete patching alone would have necessitated maintenance within 1 or 2 years. By opting for HJ3's CarbonSealTM system, the client saved $150,000. Moreover, the repair project prevented over 1,000 lbs of concrete and steel rebar from ending up in landfills and conserved 30,000 gallons of water. The repair also reduced downtime by nearly a month compared to the replacement of pedestals with new concrete. Additionally, over 3,000 kWh of energy and one ton of CO2 emissions were saved in the repair process.

If you have concrete pedestals with cracks in need of repair, please don't hesitate to contact HJ3 at info@hj3.com.





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