February 13, 2022

Sky Harbor Airport Slab Reinforcement

Concrete slab reinforcement was designed to prevent shear cracking.. at Sky Harbor International Airport with HJ3's Custom Carbon Fiber Reinforcement System

Enhancing Building Floors: Preventing Shear Cracking with Concrete Slab Reinforcement

When upgrading a building's flooring, structural integrity can be compromised, leading to potential shear cracking. Shear cracks develop when there's a displacement discontinuity surface within the solid, particularly if the displacement occurs tangential to the surface. This issue is common in materials like concrete slabs, and repairing the resulting cracks can be costly and time-consuming. Concrete slab reinforcement is a valuable solution to prevent shear cracking and save time and money.

Since concrete is widely used in structural applications, it's crucial to avoid damage due to cracking. In cases where expansion or modifications are needed, such as the 120 core holes drilled into the concrete flooring slabs of Terminal 4 at Sky Harbor International Airport, the risk of shear cracking increases. Instead of costly floor replacement, HJ3's custom carbon fiber reinforcement system was applied to provide additional support and prevent potential cracking.

To prepare the concrete slab for reinforcement, specific steps were followed. The surface was cleaned and primed with HJ3's primer. A high modulus paste was applied to the areas surrounding the holes requiring reinforcement. A crisscross pattern was chosen for optimal support. The carbon fiber reinforcement system was applied to both the top and underside of the suspended concrete slab, a crucial step due to the slab's suspension. To meet building codes' flame resistance requirements, a protective saturant was applied to the system.

HJ3's carbon fiber reinforcement system effectively strengthens the international airport floor, preventing potential structural failure and shear cracking. Currently, the 120 holes in Terminal 4 are supported, resulting in cost savings of $800,000 for Sky Harbor Airport. As the airport continues to expand, HJ3 remains committed to supporting their suspended concrete slabs.

If you have concrete slabs and concerns about shear cracking, and wish to learn more about HJ3's carbon fiber reinforcement systems, contact our project managers today at hj3pm@hj3.com.


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