February 3, 2015
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Submerged Parking Garage to be Built in Brighton

Submerged Parking Garage to be Built in Brighton | Construction has begun for a 350-space underwater parking garage at UK's Brighton Marina.

Innovative Submerged Parking Garage Emerges in Brighton, UK

From eco-friendly parking structures made of sustainable materials to floating garages built on artificial islands, we've witnessed a slew of creative multi-car complexes. But none can match the ingenuity of the new submerged parking garage in Brighton, UK. Yes, you read that right - it's submerged, under the water.

Brighton Marina, established nearly four decades ago, has climbed the ranks to become Europe's largest marina complex. Over the years, the marina has expanded, now featuring a bustling village square with shops, restaurants, and residential flats. The addition of a 1600-space parking garage, cinema complex, and a hotel still couldn't outshine the marina's latest venture.

Under construction, this submerged parking garage is set to securely accommodate 350 vehicles underwater. Part of the £41.5 million ($7.2 billion US) "West Quay Development," Phase 1 includes the submerged structure, two iconic towers, and a public promenade. The towers and promenade will sit atop the parking garage, offering panoramic views of the marina and the surrounding ocean. The garage will feature a double-height energy center, powering the entire development.

Upon completion, the West Quay Development will encompass 11 buildings, each exhibiting distinct architectural styles and ranging from 2-story structures to a 40-story tower. The slender and sinuous 40-story tower will serve as the marina's eastern gateway. Every component of this development is meticulously crafted from concrete, chosen for its durability in the marine environment.

The submerged parking garage and its accompanying buildings are ingeniously constructed on the seabed within Brighton Marina's inner harbor. The stable foundation is provided by the robust, high-density white chalk and flint seabed. The original design called for a 4-sided cofferdam, but value engineering revealed that an existing quay, made of a sheet pile cofferdam filled with concrete, could serve as the fourth side. While connecting a new 3-sided cofferdam with the existing one posed some challenges, engineers utilized grout socks to bridge the two successfully. Afterward, a propping system within the cofferdam upheld the quay to prevent collapse during the de-watering process, which took over a month. Once the water was extracted, 13"-diameter steel tubular piles were vibrated nearly 45 feet into the seabed to create a uniform foundation.

The garage's completion is anticipated by March 2015, marking a remarkable engineering feat in the heart of Brighton.

The "West Quay Development" includes 2 iconic towers, a submerged parking garage, and a large promenade. Photo Credit: SkyscraperNews.com

Diagram of the intended plans for Phase 1. Photo credit: ASCE



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