September 12, 2012
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When Less is More

Less is More: How HJ3’s Carbon Fiber Systems Outperform the Competition

In the realm of structural repair and reinforcement using carbon fiber applications, the adage "less is more" reigns supreme. HJ3’s innovative repair systems offer expedited installation with less material compared to major competitors. This efficiency translates to minimal downtime, reduced manpower requirements, and significant cost savings for our clients.

Why can HJ3's carbon fiber systems be installed more swiftly and with less material than competitors? The answer lies in their inherent strength. HJ3’s carbon systems have been engineered to be significantly stronger than conventional alternatives. A prime example can be seen in the comparison between HJ3’s carbon system and a leading competitor during a recent bid for a slab and beam-strengthening project for a metropolitan sewer district.

To put it in perspective, HJ3's carbon fabric boasts a tensile strength that is 34% greater than the leading competitor, as measured in pounds per square inch width (PSI). Even when subjected to equivalent design specifications, HJ3’s carbon system not only met the requirements but showcased the ability to do so with a lesser amount of material, as per the design parameters defined by the engineer. This difference allowed HJ3's certified contractor to bid the installation of 8-inch (as opposed to the 10-inch wide material from our competitor) and 6-inch (as opposed to the 8-inch wide material from our competitor). Beyond the reduction in material usage, the narrower material width also contributed to decreased surface preparation and overall material usage, offering our contractor a substantial advantage in securing the project.

HJ3’s carbon fiber repair systems extend beyond beam and slab repair; they are also applied in the repair, reinforcement, and seismic retrofitting of a wide range of commercial and industrial structures. This comprehensive roster includes bridges, commercial buildings, agricultural silos, steel and concrete tanks, steel pipes and PCCP (prestressed concrete cylinder pipes), and manholes, among others. Furthermore, carbon fiber's non-corrosive properties eliminate the need for future maintenance.

In an era where maximizing the value of each dollar is paramount, it is essential for individual companies, as well as state and federal governments, to optimize expenditure when addressing the repair of deteriorating structures. Reducing costs allows for a broader scope of work to be executed within a given budget.

For additional information on how HJ3’s repair systems can serve your needs or to inquire about becoming a certified installer, please contact us at 1-877-303-0453 or via email at


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